Riffkin is a mysterious dealer in magical artifacts, specifically those of Sil’ess origin. The party sold him the mouldstone casket that Wayne Epping had acquired, leaving Epping in Riffkin’s custody so that he could learn more about the casket’s origin and the Scales of Fate. Since then the party have learnt that Riffkin has a dubious reputation in Newtown and is regarded as highly suspect by Lucas, The Doghouse, and Steig, whose business was destroyed by Riffkin.

Riffkin employs numerous guards and borgs, and employs Corzo to manage security issues. Madeline is his secretary, and his other contacts include the underworld banker, Cockney, and the arms dealer, Charlie.

Riffkin’s headquarters are situated in Spookfall, near the top of the city, with his office having a glass dome for a clear view of the nexus above. The carved doors of Riffkin’s sanctum appear to depict one Sil’ess carrying a mouldstone casket, facing another carrying a cube. The tapestry seems to depict the religious war, with both sides fielding strange automatons, and the Red Cadre centered around a curious egg-like object. The headquarters are accessed via a private lift from the Hob that is concealed by magic. It is unknown if there are other exits.

According to Steig, Riffkin also controls a warehouse of Sil’ess artifacts, which can either be accessed via a lift that runs from the Hob up the outside of the city, or from above via Spookfall.


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