The Returned


Acher has been the unseen nemesis of the party, putting a bounty on their heads and sending operatives to kill them, but Acher’s primary target is the mouldstone. Acher hired Thrassa and the The Locks to terminate the party and retrieve the cargo, then apparently tried to silence them when they failed. Acher’s servants include humans and reptilians – recruited from the The Black Band – armed with a variety of Sil’ess artifacts. Before Ferox died, he claimed that Acher was one of The Returned, a living Sil’ess who would usher in a new age of reptilian ascendancy. Acher has also employed mysterious Sirens, which may be lurking throughout the city.

Thrassa claimed that Acher had appeared dressed in a crimson coat and face mask, in the style of the Spookfall nobility, but that his clothes bore traces of sulphur dust from Rock Bottom. Ferox said that Acher could be faced at Hell Hollow.

The only communication between Acher and the party has been via The Woman, who told the party that they had 24 hours to retrieve the mouldstone from Riffkin or Acher’s minions would begin murdering civilians.


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