SpattersThe Spatters is the region outside the Newtown crater wall, a vast shanty town full of immigrants and refugees that is poorly policed by the Newtown Militia. Crime is rife, as is disease and crushing poverty, although the standard of living is better nearer the crater, where the Rim Markets serve traders, travellers and mercenaries – outside the gate, heavy MD weapons, powered armour and mechs may be bought and sold freely, with minimal interference from the Newtown authorities.

In a place like the Spatters, people often disappear suddenly, and there is a suggestion that some disappearances may be linked to the creatures known as Sirens

Known locations:
Breakers Yard
Charlie’s Bazaar – Spatters
Ratchet and Hank’s Depo
Sump 41

Known residents:
Deimos Rising: Anne, The Surgeon and Zil
Ratchet and Hank
Waydon Crew


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