Sil'ess Arms Warehouse Inventory

The Sil’ess Arms Warehouse is full of myriad weapons and artifacts from the Sil’ess empire. There are dozens of boxes containing:

  • Fragments of stone and ceramic objects
  • Serpetine Sil’ess jewellery in a brass-like metal
  • Broken shards of crystal
  • Stoppered vials of powders and potions
  • Scrolls in Sil’ess text, written on a pale leather

The melee weapons are crafted from MD-rated materials, but require a power crystal to inflict MD damage:

Amethyst Baton – 2D6MD, discharges weird purple lightning
Crystal Axe – D8MD
Crystal Blade – D6MD
Jade Baton – D6MD and inflicts D6SD sonic damage (bypasses armour)
War Trident – Short crystal-tipped throwing tridents (D4MD)

The guns are all powered by the same power crystals, which give a varying number of shots per weapon:

Electric Gun – Amethyst crystal, single bolt action, D8MD, 25 shots
‘Freeze Ray’ – Blue crystal, capable of sustained beam, D8MD, 25 shots
Magic Flamethrower – Red crystal, spews crimson flames, D8MD, 6 shots
Penta Shard Pistol – Five white crystals, burst capable, D8MD, 50 shots
Teklor Pistol – White crystal, single shot action, D8MD, 50 shots

There are two types of armour, both fashioned from the same brass-coloured metal, but one has crystals of various colours embedded in it. Some of the suits will fit the average human, but some are designed for larger creatures or those with a notably different body shape.

In addition there are crystals with metal bands wrapped around them, incorporating a kind of ‘ring pull’ – these ‘Crystal Grenades’ come in white and jade varieties. There are also boxes of loose jade crystals – shaped like the weapon-tip crytsals in the guns.

The more esoteric items include:

  • Jars of alien or mutant foetuses and organs or cross sections of unidentified creatures
  • Crude humanoid statues with their heads covered by rags – when the rags are removed, ethereal entities emerge from the statue.

And the following which were taken by the party:

  • Four metal scarab beetles in a velvet-lined box
  • A dark green crystal rod, with intricate serpetine designs, that has an octagonal cross section at one end
  • Boxes containing vials of a viscous black liquid that has a supernatural scent not dissimilar to Mouldstone

The vault contains boxes of power crystals, along with a large fragment of metal covered in Sil’ess writing. Underneath this was an ornate treasure chest, now recovered by the party.

Sil'ess Arms Warehouse Inventory

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