Sil'ess Arms Warehouse


Riffkin controls a Sil’ess arms warehouse that formally belonged to Steig. It is built into the outer edge of the lower Spookfall district and accessible via the Sil’ess Arms Warehouse Lift Terminal in the Hob. It can also be accessed from above via a lift from the upper Spookfall district, and there is a concealed route linking it to lower Spookfall.

Sil ess arms warehouse map
1. Freight elevator to Sil’ess Arms Warehouse Lift Terminal
2. Warehouse
3. Hidden door
4. Ladder down to lower Spookfall
5. Vault
6. Elevator to upper Spookfall

Upper and lower spookfall
1. Elevator from Sil’ess Arms Warehouse
2. Ladder up to Sil’ess Arms Warehouse

Sil'ess Arms Warehouse

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