NewtownNewtown is a fantastical city that occupies a volcanically active caldera, known locally as the Newtown crater. The city proper lurks at the heart of the caldera, and is built upon a pre-Rifts geothermal power plant, itself rising above the caldera floor on the massive pillars of the heat exchangers. The city has built upwards over the years into a precarious spire of irregular metalwork, festooned with unsanctioned additions, and is connected to the outside world by a single bridge. This bridge meets with a gatehouse facility built through the crater wall, and beyond lies a semi-lawless shanty town.

Newtown is controlled by a shadowy group known as the Ghost Parliament and policed by the Newtown Militia, but by all accounts the real power lies with a criminal lineage known as The Pilgrims. Newtown is home to humans, mutants, d-bees and stranger things, and there are few obvious restrictions on magic or technology.

Beyond the crater wall, only pistol-sized MD weapons are allowed, and no heavy armour. Borgs have to ditch their armour plating and agree to the installation of inhibitors on their ammo ports. As well as the militia’s troops and vehicles, Newtown is defended by bunker installations and missile launchers on the crater wall, and anti-aircraft rail turrets on the city proper.

Newtown proper is constantly wreathed in plumes of steam from the volcanic pools on the crater floor, clouds which are illuminated by both the myriad lights decorating the city, and the eerie blueish-green glow emanating from the quiescent nexus point that lurks above the city.

See Newtown Tower and Newtown Surround maps.

The known regions of Newtown are:
The Boltons
The Chokes
Rock Bottom
The Spatters


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