The Cyberworks Aerospace Network (CAN) is a pre-rifts corporation who had begun colonising and terraforming Mars, only for catastrophe to befall the settlers. The party first encountered the work of the CAN when they were rifted into Copernicus Station, one of the CAN’s research colonies, housing a sizeable NERG facility that was ultimately the cause of the colony’s demise.

The CAN had brought a sizeable number of humans – many augmented – as well as mutants such as dogboys and apeboys to the surface of Mars. The descendants of the survivors are now found across the Splinterzone and presumably various iterations of Mars. Gear looted from CAN facilities has also served as the basis for the current technology level of these descendants. Information from Copernicus Station indicated that there were more CAN outposts at the following locations:

Planum Boreum – ice mines and spaceport
Milankovic – waypoint station
Olympus Mons – ore mines and industrial colony
Tharsis Montes – ore mines and industrial colonies
Copernicus – research colony and NERG facility (bug farm)
Galle – research colony and NERG facility (doglab)
Kepler – research colony and NERG facility (apex)
Lowell – research colony and NERG facility (reptile house)
Planum Australe – greenhouse facilities

Three satellite networks were also listed: Ajax, Archimedes and Aristotle, but no further information has been obtained about them.


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