Exotic artifact dealer, Sil'ess expert, enemy of Riffkin


Steig used to deal primarily in Sil’ess artifacts, until Riffkin bought out or killed off his employees. Steig fled to the Spatters where he now runs a business called Eclectica, identifying artifacts brought in by adventurers, and buying and selling anything interesting. He employes some kind of desert warriors as bodyguards.

Steig has advertised at the Totem for a crew to scupper a deal between a wealthy Spookfall resident, Orcus, and an airship captain, Huron Blight. Orcus is employing Captain Blight to fly him to Redwall, but Steig believes there are a wealth of Sil’ess ruins in Barsoom, a location to which Captain Blight has regularly navigated. Steig would like the deal with Orcus to fall through by whatever means necessary so that he can acquire Captain Blight’s services.

Additionally, as an enemy of Riffkin, Steig has provided the party with information about the Newtown warehouse facility that housed his collection of Sil’ess weapons and armour, a facility which is now under Riffkin’s control.


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