Fleabag in a spacesuit


Dog 375GQ, formerly of Chi-Town Mage Squad, now… somewhat confused.

A mostly canid-looking mutant Lakeland terrier with a cheerful, easygoing nature, a streak of the hippyishness that comes with being psychic, and a slight tendency to communicate in interesting ways. Patch has a strong moral compass and like all dog-boys is intensely loyal to something – the trouble is he’s not quite sure what any more. After an unpleasant start to life involving an ill-tempered handler and a badly matched Pack, he was posted to the middle of nowhere largely to keep him out of trouble, and promptly quit the Coalition military altogether following North’s at the time more inspiring example. Things rapidly went pear-shaped, however, and he now finds himself stuck in some tinpot alternate dimension with a handler who needs to be handled and a cyborg who needs a megadamage kick to his shiny, bombproof arse. Not that he’s complaining – everyone needs a pack, right?

Patch is also 8 years old; the dog-boy cloning procedure accelerates the growth process, taking Coalition dog-boys from adorable, if somewhat hard to manage, sheep-sized puppies (just don’t think about the size of the slippers they chew) to full adulthood within a year.


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