Megaverse Down


Stirring up a hornet's nest...

Time remaining: 18:32

Trying to provoke a full-blown war between Acher and Riffkin, the party moved on the settlement surrounding Hell Hollow and engaged a human and reptilian militia, broadcasting their allegiance to Riffkin. The militia posed little threat, but broiled undead began rising from the volcanic pool. Their job done, the party retreated back to the Newtown proper, North’s quick wit getting them past the The Garbagemen once more.

Finding that their apartment building in the Hob was being staked out by unknown agents, the party headed for the Spatters, but on the bridge an almighty explosion rang out from high in Spookfall, radiating magical energy. Turning back for the Newtown spire amidst agitated Newtown Militia troops, the party captured the spy outside their building and dragged him inside for questioning, where they learnt he was an operative for the Black Hill Army before he killed himself with an implanted micro-explosive.

Corzo showed up at this point, burnt and battered, and revealed that Acher had attacked Riffkin’s Headquarters, killing Riffkin and most of his minions, and capturing the Mouldstone. Calling on their contacts in the The Doghouse and the The Striders, the party formulated a plan to hit Hell Hollow, backed up by Corzo and what men he could muster.

After tooling up from the Sil’ess Arms Warehouse, the party and their henchmen assembled in the Church of the Marching God to be teleported into the hollow by Sorn – the magical defences apparently having weakened – while their dogboy and human allies would descend through the chokes.

Engulfed in blinding light, the party were suddenly elsewhere…