Megaverse Down


Into the shadows...

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Teleported into Hell Hollow, the party had to fight through undead, reptilians tooled up with Sil’ess hardware, demonic skulls, mechanical scarabs, Sirens, the sons of Acher and finally Acher himself, in the form of a demonic serpent. After a mighty battle, Acher’s serpent form collapsed and he fled into a deep pit. With the planar stabiliser destroyed, Riffkin appeared in his true form, revealing that the version of him that died in Spookfall was some kind of similacrum, and informed the party that Acher would be fleeing through a Sil’ess portal to his allies, the Scales of Fate.

The party went after him, stepping through the portal into a Escher-like shadow realm, where they were assaulted by plasma-spitting demons. The demons were defeated, but in the fight the portal was destroyed, trapping the party in this alien dimension…