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  • Olympus Mons

    The largest volcano in the solar system was a site for [[CAN]] ore mines and industrial facilities - in the [[Splinterzone]], Olympus Mons has now simply become [[Olympus]], seat of dark gods and hive of demonic horrors.

  • Olympus

    In the [[Splinterzone]], [[Olympus Mons]] has become the seat of dark [[:olympus]], a pantheon of sinister gods presiding over legions of demons. This location has haunted the nightmares of the party and may be the source of a powerful broadcast of …

  • Redwall

    Redwall is alleged to be a settlement at the base of [[Olympus Mons]] where mortals can trade with the demons of [[Olympus]] - by all accounts a dangerous place to visit.

  • Romulus

    At this stage, not much is known about Romulus. The [[:sons-of-romulus]] believe that he was a powerful being of part-human and part-wolf nature that stood against the evil of [[Olympus]] but was cut down. There is a belief that if the tomb of Romulus can …

  • Jupiter

    Jupiter is apparently the ruling deity of dark [[:olympus]]. Little more is known about him.

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